What is the QR Program?
The Blanc Industries Signage & Display Group Quick Response Program (QR Program) is an application offering value-added information to your customers. The QR codes embedded on our item inserts are scanned by consumers using their smartphones to instantly access product information, recipes or any customized content.

What's the value?
Everyone shops at supermarkets; the key is to create a customer experience that prompts shoppers to choose your store over the competition. With a customized program, we can link to your main website or ecommerce site to include coupons, in-store promotions, additional recipes, cooking and health tips and/or any other information pertinent to your business.

Personalized content creates customer behavior, trends and spending analytics unique to your store or website, while providing essential information for your business.

Implementing a customized QR program will build customer trust, confidence and loyalty ensuring your place ahead of the competition.

Why QR codes?
QR codes are the one-stop-shopping key to unlocking consumer insights and buying behaviors. According to supermarketnews.com, 64% of shoppers are interested in scanning product codes to gain more information. In a recent survey conducted by Zoomerang and AisleBuyer, 36% of smartphone-carrying shoppers say they have scanned in-store product codes to access on-the-spot information. Nutrition analysis was a top search item.

In its Trends 2012 report, the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) released the figures of a survey conducted by Booz & Co. on in-store consumer activity. The results: 16% of shoppers used smartphones to track lists; 13% searched recipes; 9% or 1 in 10 shoppers searched their mobile devices for coupons, to track spending and research specific items; while 8% of shoppers checked prices.

What will happen when your customer scans the QR code on our item inserts?